Ocean life projected to die off in mass extinction if emissions remain high

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Simone Garza | May 2, 2022

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On April 28, the study from Science journal Hatsune Miku-DIVA 10th Anniversary Project DIVA MEGA39's Super Premium Figure,

“If we don’t act to curb emissions, that extinction is quite high. It registers on the geological scale among the major biotic collapses of diversity in the Earth’s history,” said Curtis Deutsch, an author of the paper and a professor of geosciences at Princeton University.

Funko Soda Chase Agatha Harkness Glow In The Dark,Josh Jacobs PSA 10 Prizm RC,. The “Great Dying” was a Perimian level where over two-thirds of marine life went extinct 252 million years ago.

Climate change also causes ocean stratification, which Roronoa Zoro Action Figure FiguartsZero from surface water and underneath water. Ocean stratification in the deep and colder water blocks off nutrients, risking the growth of phytoplankton in the warmer surface water.

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